Betting guide

K I may not be the best person to say these things currently, but I hope this helps.

1.NO tips are 100% – we all can see how true this is this past week, everyone who claims their tips are 100% are childish, if you have grown up you know that nothing is 100%. Hunches or feelings are not to be trusted, because when you get it right you forget all those losses your hunches/feelings have made. Everyone, even the best tipsters will have a losing run, so please be careful who you follow.

2.Only bet what you can afford to lose Before you make your bet, kiss your money goodbye and bet on the team you have chosen. Treat your bet as a lost bet, understand this mentality!!!, Its not telling you to be pessimistic, its telling you to limit your bets, dont go betting your whole life savings on 1 match or a few matches in a day. Leave some money to fight another day if you lost.

3.Focus on as few matches as possible the problem Ive seen here is that everyone wants to hit the jackpot by betting on all the matches, remember that it is next to impossible, yes it is possible but it is very very very rare, if you have never got more than 60% of your picks right, forget about betting on more than 3 matches. You can see from some of the better tipsters here that they bet on only 1-2 matches in any league on any matchday. That is the best tips to follow.

4.Control yourself!!!!! discipline, this is the most important thing do you want to win small amounts consistently or do you want to win big and lose big? Control that itch of yours to bet on any given tips, ask yourselfhave you bet enough for today? Dont be too proud and invincible after winning the night before, and go on whacking on matches blindly believing that you can always win. And there is no need to be disappointed at a winning bet that you did not make. You felt that it was risky at the time you did not make that bet, and that was important, it doesnt matter what the outcome is, dont blame yourself
for not betting. There is always another day. Learn from every experience!!!

5.Analyse Analyse Analyse its useless to follow blindly, you have to know something about the match first, Read all news, injury news, H2H stats, past stats or even odds movement. Whichever type of analysis you choose, stick to them, dont keep changing the way you choose teams after a losing day. Get information about the match, is a derby?, cup game? New coach?

6.Write down your bets, keep track of them and after a while you will realise which bets always make you lose money, is it the bet that everyone tells you to take, is it the bet that you analysed yourself. Keeping track of accounting is important as you can “SEE” how you do and understand yourself better.

7.No 1 method can be applied to all leagues if you can find 1 method that applies to all leagues please tell me, I would really like to know.

8.The only method that applies to all leagues is team/news analysis, you have to know how the team plays and how the opponent plays. How the team copes with injury etc etc. If the team plays badly without a certain player, then you can bet against them even if the odds/stats doesnt say so.

9.The ball is round in a match anything can happen, bad referee decisions, weather, fans, the management, the players and the ball all affect the result of the game. Players are humans, they make mistake which may be costly at times. Remember were only betting, we have no right to curse and blame the team if they losethings just happen.

10.Lastly, If you dont have time to analyse matches, you may want to join a pick site, look at their analysis and see If you agree or not. In my opinion the bros in this forum are quite good, but not those that post for no reason, I feel that its better to give a simple reason for the pick. So just take their pick as reference only.

I hope this was useful, all comments welcome, please dont flame me, Im only trying to help. Everyone must know these rules before betting, or else they will just follow here and there and in the end keep losing.

The road to being a successful gambler is hard, you have to overcome a lot of things, firstly look at yourself in the mirror and think if you can do well in this field or not? On average the punter will lose a lot first before starting to win. Those who still cant win after some time are giving money to the more successful ones.

Finally when is the time that you should quit?
1.If within 6 months 2 years that you start betting and you still cannot make a monthly profit. – QUIT
2.If you cant be disciplined enough. – QUIT
3.If you anyhow bet, betting small on a match and whacking the next without any money management plan. – QUIT
4.If you think that betting is easy money QUIT
5.If you always lose sleep because of betting Consider quitting, the money is not worth the health problems you will get.